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    We (Rick, Steve and Big Zac) have been fishing together for years.  Sometimes we went with friends, sometimes we went with our wives and families, sometimes we went by ourselves.  A Shore Lunch was always a big part of the trip.


    It was also a hassle trying to organize all the supplies for the Shore Lunch.  Did we forget anything?  How many plates do we have?  Where’s the silverware?


   Over time we developed the Shore Lunch Sac®.  It was pretty crude at first.  But it eventually developed into a fully functional product that made the shore lunch even more memorable.  At least in our opinion.


    We thought it might be something other folks that enjoyed a shore lunch might like too.  In fact, we guarantee it!  Thus, the purpose of this web site.


    Check out the Shore Lunch Sac® and see if you don’t agree.  We would be interested in hearing your comments.  Good, bad or indifferent, contact us with an email or give us a call, we would like to hear from you.


PS.  We would be interested in hearing about any neat ideas you have for the outdoor world.  We would be willing to make mention of it on this web site.  Send us an email.