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What is Big Zac’s Shore Lunch Sac®?

    Big Zac’s Shore Lunch Sac® carries everything you need to have a shore lunch... anytime, anywhere.  Including the “three in one stove”, food and all the eating and cooking utensils.

The Stove

     First:  Wood!  Use as a fire ring for cooking with wood on an open flame.  Toss the fire ring on the ground, add some wood, put on the grill and cook your shore lunch.  This also doubles as a fire ring in state and provincial parks that require a fire ring for a camp fire!

    Second:  Charcoal!  Add the legs to the fire ring and insert the charcoal pan.  You can now use the stove as a barbeque grill.  Excellent for tenderloins back at deer camp.

    Third:  Propane!  Install the propane attachment and you have a propane cook stove.  Easy and convenient when you’re in a hurry, there’s a ban on open flames or the wood is wet.

The Shore Lunch Sac®

     Designed to carry all the stove parts, all the cooking utensils, plates and silverware for six, canned goods, potatoes & onions, ketchup, cooking oil, salt & pepper, fillet board, paper towels, camp chair, fire starter and lighter  It even has a first aid kit!  All items have their own separate pouch.  The frying pan pouch, plate pouch and silverware pouch are detachable for easy washing back at camp.  For a complete list, go to the contents page.

Big Zac’s Shore Lunch Sac® contains separate pouches for:

Front Outside

Back Outside

Front Inside

Back Inside

Paper Towels



Salt & Pepper

Cooking Utensils

Grill Brush


Cooking Oil & Ketchup

Fillet Board

First Aid Kit

Junk Drawer


Fillet Knife

Pots & Pans

Fire Starter

Canned Goods

Chef’s Chair


Taters & Onions

Charcoal Pan


Fish Batter

Propane Tank

Propane Burners

Kitchen Sink

(just kidding)

Inside Canned Goods.jpg Front2.jpg Inside Plates.jpg Front.jpg